Thoughts on Cezanne (fruit-sticker)

Design for a fruit-sticker containing the complete text of Robert Walser's essay 'Thoughts on Cezanne' (1929). Walser, famous for his 'microscripts' – handwritten texts crammed onto the backs of envelopes, cards, bills etc (see here) – writes passionately and humorously on Cezanne in this thousand-word essay. Printed at c. 2cm / 2880dpi the text on the sticker can be read through a magnifying glass. 

Below is an extract from the essay, followed by a close-up of the fruit-sticker design.

"The man I'm now speaking of gazed, for instance, at these fruits, which are as ordinary as they are remarkable, for a long time; he pondered their look, the skin stretched taut around them, the strange repose of their being, their laughing, glowing, good-humoured appearance. "Isn't it well-nigh tragic," he might have said to himself, "that they cannot be conscious of their use and beauty?" He would have liked to communicate, to infuse, to transmit into them his capacity for thought, because he was sorry for them, on account of their being unable to have any conception of themselves. I feel convinced that he commiserated with them, and then again with himself, and that for a long time he really did not know why.'" (Trans. Christopher Middleton)